It is an automatic multi-application
compaction system.

It is an automatic multi-application compaction system, designed in modular units for better use of space and maintenance facilities.

Intended for continuous production of granulate from plastic, thermoplastics in sheets, fibers, powder and foamed waste of PE-AD, PE-BD, PP, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.11, PA 6.12, PET, ABS, PVC rigid, flexible and etc.

Mill for fiber pre-grinding: From a special tank with slow stirring arms, the feed system delivers the pre-ground product through a variable speed thread, continuously to the center of two tapered grooved discs. The material fed through the center passes to be agglomerated by the heat generated by the friction between the movable and fixed disks. After this the material enters the compaction zone, in which remains seconds, decisively limiting in this short space the effect of degradation by the temperature.

Line Products

Compactor Detail
Compactor Detail

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The exact operating temperature of the compacting discs will be maintained by a non-contacting water cooling system.

In the outer perimeter of the discs the agglomerates, similar to small ropes, are accelerated and enter the transport airflow generated by a fan mounted in the installation. Following the installation line the product will be granulated in a secondary knife cutter mill.


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